The Doors of Our Lives

I was guided to share this channeled message by Spirit while reflecting on the many doors I’ve opened and closed along my journey of life. I hope you enjoy reading my reflection. My purpose in sharing my message is with the intention that it may assist others as they navigate along their journey of transitioning into a space of closing old doors and embracing the new ones. Enjoy!

If you leave the door open, even a crack, you are still allowing what you do not want permission to enter your sacred space. Claim your decision even when it’s challenging or painful. This will take an immense amount of inner strength, but you will get through it and make it out on the other side.

If you are willing to let go of whatever it is holding you back, close the door all the way shut. If whatever it is you are releasing, whether a person, a job, a toxic situation, a relationship, a mind-set, or out dated beliefs, whatever “it is” know this: If they want or need something from you they will KNOCK….maybe even POUND on the door to get you to answer.

Just remember, YOU always have CONTROL over who enters. Take back your POWER and be choosy about WHO or WHAT you will allow in. Don’t be AFRAID to leave some of the knocks unanswered, they (people, circumstances, situations,beliefs), left your life for a reason! You decide who is worth letting back in!

Never allow anyone’s presence or lack thereof to define your worth or diminish your light! YOU ARE THE GOD/DESS! YOU ARE A BEAUTIFUL, DIVINE BEING! Always remember that! You have the POWER… no one has that power over you. You are amazing, so surround yourself with people who inspire and uplift you. People who make you want to be a better person, a great friend! People who will not take advantage of your “LIGHT” AND GIVING NATURE!

SHOW those people, situations, and out worn circumstances that NO LONGER SERVE YOU, THE DOOR! Bye! Bye! Your no longer Welcome here…let them KNOCK all they want, eventually they will get the message loud and clear: NOBODY’S HOME!

I wanted to share this message because for you or someone you know, it may be exactly what they are meant to hear as we head into the New Year! Not everything is sunshine, and rainbows and we sometimes must face difficult challenges in life to get to the good stuff that lies ahead.

As you move into 2020, take this time to reflect on what it might be that your ready to close the door on, so you can allow the new ones to fly open! Doing this may upset people in your life or at your workplace or whatever the situation is for you. It could also be closing the door on old habits, thoughts or a lifestyle that is not serving you in a positive way anymore. One last message Spirit wanted to add…never feel the need to go knocking on closed doors. Your better than that, just keep your dignity and walk away. Never waste time banging on closed doors!

If it’s worn out it’s welcome in your life, it’s time to let it go!

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog. Please take the time to like and share with anyone in your life that may need to read this today!

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