Shine! Shine! Shine! Let Your Infinite Light Shine!

The holidays are a magical time of year filled with colorful light displays, decorations, magical nostalgia, and feelings of joy, love, and peace in our hearts. It’s a time to spend with those we love and create new and everlasting memories! Shine! I recently had an insightful conversation with a very good friend last night and we talked about how we all possess an infinite, divine light within us. I got to thinking about how this relates to the Christmas season and the holidays. The beautiful lights we enjoy as we go about our day spark joy in our hearts and bring a sparkle to our eyes! My friend reminded me of something I wanted to share with all of you reading this……to go out there and shine your light!

My response to that was I try to “shine” my light wherever I go with the people I meet and start my day from my heart space asking my Angels and God to also provide me with pure, light and protection as I go about my day. Sometimes you will come across people, situations, conversations, attitudes and such, that may cause you to “dim” your light just a bit. This called me to remind myself and those of you reading this to never “dim” your infinite light for anyone or anything! Sometimes people unknowingly may cause you to “dim” yourself to their level, but you know they cannot put out your light, it’s eternal. We can all think of certain people, or our workplace, or just life in general can cause our inner light to dim, but it reminded me that we have the power to control our light, to choose the higher ground and not allow negativity to diminish us.

Sometimes the holidays can be challenging, for us and people in our lives depending on what they maybe going through. Be that light for a stranger, smile, say a kind word, do a thoughtful deed, make that phone call, tell someone you love them just because that’s who you are and as you do you spread joy and light into the world just by being YOU!

Shine and when you feel dim, take a moment to connect within your heart space and picture your heart beaming outwards like the sun emanating your beautiful rays to the world around you. Stay in that space for as long as it feels good for you and then go out into your day and Shine! Sometimes we need that light from others, just as much as someone needs it from us.

Final thoughts…People may come into your life and try to dim you! You don’t need those people and trust me, they won’t hang around for very long if they are not able to meet you where you are. NEVER DIM YOURSELF DOWN! Some people cannot handle the infinite beautiful being that you are and the people who can’t will naturally fall away…let them go with love! God will replace them with something even better! This time of year can be challenging and lonely at times, but when your feeling dim return to your heart space and feel appreciation and gratitude for what you have! It’s only natural that the brighter you shine, the more you will attract! Sometimes people will try to steal your light….be stingy! Follow your intuition! Live in your truth and you will always be supported and protected by the Divine!


Please comment, like and share this post! I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Season! – Catherine

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