Services Provided

Intuitive Card Reading 

A 30-min reading via phone or Skype session where I will tap into your energies and using my connection with the angels and my guides, we will uncover what you need to know at this time using the cards I am guided to use to bring more clarity to your situation. This session can also be sent to you via email if you prefer that format at no additional charge and you will receive a picture of the cards that came through during the reading.

Intuitive Counseling Session

A session for the length of your choice conducted via phone or Skype session. This will be an interactive session where we will tune into your energy, uncover your blocks and identify barriers in your life using the guidance from the divine. These sessions can uncover where you may be standing in your own way towards achieving your goals.

Twin Flame Energy Check-Ins

A 30- min reading via phone or Skype where I will tune into the energies of the DM/DF and uncover the current energies of your connection. I will also look into the DM’s and DF’s past, present, and future energies within the connection and look at any blockages. I can also do this via email at no additional charge, and you will receive a picture of the cards that came through during the reading.

Quick Relationship Spread

I will do a quick card pull using one of my Twin Flame/Soul Connection oracle decks and look into 1.) Your person’s thoughts and energy towards you 2.) The current joint energy of the connection 3.)  The future energy of the connection and 4.) A potential outcome for the connection.

Distance Reiki Energy Healing Sessions

A 30-min distance healing session where I will tune into your Ki energy . Energy is energy! The Reiki is queued with intention for you to receive it. You set the time when you want to receive the reiki and I will set it up for you. I suggest being in a quiet place or laying down and allow yourself to relax and set the intention when you are ready to receive. I act as the conduit to send the healing energy to the body. During a session, we can address both physical or emotional concerns. Reiki can be sent to people, animals, as well as plants and even objects. We can also do this live via Zoom if you prefer to be with me as I am sending the reiki. Both methods are just as effective, it’s just a matter of being open and personal preference.

Chakra Energy Healing

A 30- min interactive session where I can uncover where you may be holding onto negative or stagnant energies in your chakras. We can work on identifying the areas to clear as I do a full scan of your energy, and discuss tools to help keep your energy clear and balanced. This will leaving you feeling clear, vibrant and have a positive impact on all areas of your being!

Packages Provided

Life Coaching Sessions
(Coaching with Catherine)

During this 1-hour session we will work together to develop a plan to re-ignite your infinite light on your personal journey and uncover your current blocks to happiness. I will follow-up with you via the avenue of your choice post-session and check on your progress. You can book a single session or a package.

The topics I am experienced in are: Holistic Life Coaching, Nutrition and Diet Coaching, Discovering your Life Purpose, Self-Empowerment Coaching in both personal and professional relationships, Relationship Coaching, Twin Flame Coaching.

Holistic Life Coaching Sessions
3-Session Package

In this very individualized Package of 3 1-hour sessions, I will create a customized plan based on your identified goals using my Tree of Life template outlining the 5 areas that need to be in harmony to create a balance of well-being. We will work together one-on-one to create a plan to change your life!

These sessions are highly individualized based on a holistic approach to wellness. The areas we will address for you are: stress, sleep, nutrition, spirituality, and exercise. Based on your identified current health concerns we will develop your individualized plan. We will uncover together how bringing these 5 areas into balance can dramatically change your health and well-being! You can also book a single session depending on your needs, and I will check-up on you via the format of your choice to assess your progress.

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