My Insights on the Twin Flame Journey

Lesson #1 once you are on this journey, there is no turning back. You cannot go back to the person you were before no matter how hard you try. Try as you may through all the tears, fighting, kicking and screaming to hold on to the person you were before, at the end of the day your soul will not allow it. What’s been seen cannot be unseen, what’s been done cannot be undone.

This journey to put it mildly will *un-fuck* your ego and put it in it’s rightful place. You can make this process more or less difficult depending on how you choose to navigate it and the choices you make. I am speaking from personal experience since I started on this path in 2016. I want to share my experiences with other people who are in the midst of this process in it’s various stages. If you need assistance navigating this journey during it’s darkest days please schedule an appointment with me. I want to help. I’ve been there. 3 years and counting and I can attest that the process does get easier, but the work is never done.

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