Hamster Wheel of Healing

Do you find yourself on this endless hamster wheel of healing wondering if this cycle will ever end? If the answer is yes, you are not alone. Life is not meant to be experienced as an endless journey of needing to fix or change something about ourselves. Life is meant to be enjoyed while learning life lessons. The “ego” mind is notorious for keeping us stuck in this endless loop going round and round, going nowhere. Do you ever wake up and wonder what have I been doing despite all the work you have done?

There comes a point along our journey where it is time to embrace who we truly are NOW as an infinite source of divine consciousness.  To take what we have learned from our past and move forward into the unknown yet to come. All too often, especially amongst the spiritual community we are made to feel that we are somehow broken. This incessant need that we need to heal or change something within ourselves that could stem from childhood wounds, trauma, self-worth issues or anything in general we perceive as flawed about ourselves. Yes, while inner growth and healing are necessary parts of our life’s journey, there comes a point where you must stop looking for things to heal and start living your best life!

It is time to take a break from the hamster wheel of repetitive thinking, behaviors, habits, old beliefs, that you have convinced yourself still need attention and healing. These perceptions you have of the “self” are coming from ego-based thinking. I am here to tell you….you are not your mind. You are not your body. You are pure consciousness at the core of who you are. Once you realize that “YOU” are not the thoughts you are thinking, but rather the OBSERVER of the thoughts as Source Consciousness you will not only open up your awareness, but you will catch yourself when the negative patterns rear their ugly head.  This pattern of a need to heal something is very prevalent in the Twin Flame Community, and you will find many spiritual teachers out there who spread this message of needing to heal ourselves and our divine counterparts to reach union. Think about this for a moment….if you are pure source energy at your core of who YOU are what would you need to heal? You are divine consciousness…anything arising that is not of that vibration is the ego taking over. These concepts I am welcome to sharing as I have learned them and applied them to my own life and I want to assist you as well.

You might find yourself at times focusing more on what your counterpart needs to fix or change and thus taking the focus off yourself, which is only temporary at best.. It is that mind trap that the ego plays telling you that if only my counterpart would change, I could move forward. When you decide to look outside of yourself to feel better two things will happen: 1.) you are giving your power away and seeking fulfillment from an outside source. 2.) You will always come up disappointed when you do not tap into your divine source energy that exists within you. People cannot always show up for us. They have their own work to do and cannot always meet our needs. That is an inside job first and foremost.   What most of us fail to realize is you always have divine source energy as your source of fulfillment.   It is an infinite part of YOU!  You also need to come to a place of acceptance that your counterpart has free will and the only thing you can control is yourself and your journey. Staying focused on an outcome and having expectations on something that may never happen, will only continue to keep you stuck on this endless loop.

I can only speak from personal experience and I too find myself occasionally getting stuck in these repetitive thought patterns and habits which no longer serve me anymore.  The ego can only survive if we continue to feed it what it wants. I would like to offer my coaching services and share the tools and techniques that I have learned to assist you!

I do feel we all do the best that we can with what we have at any moment in time. This is what evolution is all about…expansion and growth! We have the power to acquire new tools along the way and make shifts in our lives. This could take weeks, months, or years but progress is what is important.

Contact me if you would like more assistance if you find yourself stuck on this endless hamster wheel of healing and want tools you can apply today to change your life and step off this repetitive loop!

Stayed tuned for my next article focusing on Detachment! Please feel free to contact me and share your comments or suggestions for future blog topics via email at infinitesoulflame@gmail.com.

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