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I am a highly intuitive, positive lightworker and healer. I am a Holistic Life Coach, Intuitive Counselor and Twin Flame. I have over 20+ years experience in the healing arts and I am here to be your tour guide on life’s journey! I am compassionate, empathic, and direct. My passion and purpose is to assist you in finding your infinite light within to and discover your divine life purpose.

I work with people facing challenges in all aspects of life including relationships, career, grief and loss, health and wellness and various other challenges life may bring. I use my divine connection with God ,Angels and Guides, as well as my ability to tune-in to energies to assist people in uncovering their infinite light within.

If you were guided to my site, I feel you are here for a reason, there are no coincidences. I look forward to working with you in becoming your best divine self!