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Catherine is a highly intuitive empath and lightworker. She was born with intuitive gifts and abilities and she grew up always feeling different from everyone else. This caused her to tune-out her abilities as she tried to force herself to fit in to the 3D world. It wasn’t until she was much older and experienced the loss of her loved ones, including her own daughter that her gifts resurfaced. It was through this experience that she discovered her ability to communicate with her loved ones and the Divine. Catherine can share her ability to help others who are suffering a loss or who would like to communicate with a loved one or a deceased pet. 

Catherine has been blessed by the Divine as a vessel to channel directly from God, her Angels, and her Guides to bring forth messages to assist others. This is her mission and purpose to shine her light for those who need it. Whether it’s to find more purpose, clarity, peace, or balance back into your life, she is her to help you find your inner light that is an infinite part of every human being. Sometimes life can cause our light to dim, Catherine can assist you in re-igniting the light within you.

Catherine also experienced her awakening through meeting her Twin Flame. This experience took place several years after the passing of her daughter. Through meeting her Twin, her gifts were once again reborn and this reignited the light within her. She was not tending to her gifts for many years and they lie dormant due to life circumstances and challenges in her own life. Through her awakening, she transformed her life as she began to see the world through a new set of eyes. Her transformation occurred on a physical, mental and spiritual level. It was so drastic that most people who knew her could not believe she was the same person, because she wasn’t. Her physical appearance was beyond anything she had ever known. God healed her physically and emotionally from the inside out. She was reborn! 

Everything in life began to become much clearer to her. She became very sensitive and empathic to the feelings and energies of others, more so than she had ever been before. 

In order to embrace this change, she had to experience the Dark Night of the Soul, this was required to strip away all the layers of the old Catherine and transform her into  the best version of herself that she is today!  It hasn’t been easy, but through this experience she discovered her divine purpose. She is here to be a tour guide to others and  assist people on their journeys by sharing her own personal experience. 

As a way to channel the divine guidance she was receiving, Catherine learned how to speak directly with her angels, work with tarot and oracle cards and became a Reiki Master. She began studying various spiritual practices and conducting intuitive counseling sessions. She has also learned more about herself and the divine purpose of the Twin Flame journey and desires to share her experience with others. 

Catherine found her passion and purpose through assisting others through her readings, but desired to connect with others on a deeper level. As she too is on this journey of life and has learned to “shine” her light to assist the planet, she has also experienced the darkness in order to arrive here now. Catherine has learned through her own personal lessons along her journey. She wants to share what she’s learned from the lessons of her past with others and how they too can live a new life of truth and authenticity. Catherine is devoted to  assisting people with the challenges they are facing and wants to assist them in re-igniting their light within!

Slowly, but with passion and purpose Catherine has begun her mission of re-igniting the infinite lights of others on her journey…..one light at a time!  The power of just helping one person changes the entire energy of the planet!

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As a highly intuitive empath, light worker and healer, we will work together to establish a personal connection. I will tap into your energy with the help of my angels and guides to bring clarity to a situation on a deeper level by providing guidance that is both honest and direct. I ask that you be both open of mind and heart to the guidance that comes through when booking a session. The blessing will be working towards clearing out the old beliefs, patterns, and stories that no longer serve you as we begin to address the blockages holding you back from shining your infinite light. Together, with my guidance I am here to guide you on your next steps forward with a greater awareness, clarity and confidence! My passion and purpose is to assist you in finding your infinite light within to discover your divine life purpose.

Depending on what type of service you book, I use various divination tools  such as Oracle Cards, Tarot Cards, along with my inner guidance coming from Source. Each and every session is unique as I go where Spirit guides me to suit the needs of the individual client. 

If you were guided to my site, I feel you are here for a reason, there are no coincidences. I look forward to working with you in becoming your best divine self!

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