The Power Of Helping Just One Person Shifts The Entire Energy Of The Planet

– Catherine



I am a highly intuitive, positive lightworker and healer. I am a Holistic Life Coach, Intuitive Counselor and Twin Flame.

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Hamster Wheel of Healing
Hamster Wheel of Healing

Do you find yourself on this endless hamster wheel of healing wondering if this cycle will ever end? If the answer is yes, you are not alone. Life is not meant to be experienced as an endless journey of needing to fix or change something about ourselves. Life is meant...

My Insights on the Twin Flame Journey
My Insights on the Twin Flame Journey

Lesson #1 once you are on this journey, there is no turning back. You cannot go back to the person you were before no matter how hard you try. Try as you may through all the tears, fighting, kicking and screaming to hold on to the person you were before, at the end of...


After my Reiki session with Catherine, I felt deeply moved. Her dedication to her clients is evident, and she guides you on a profound level. Her insight into the mind and spirit, coupled with her life experiences, creates immediate trust. This journey began several months ago and has led to profound changes. I highly recommend Catherine for healing through Reiki.


Life Coaching with Catherine has helped me to finally build my own Daily Spiritual Practice that works for me and my life, my Energy Level went from a consistent 3/10 to a consistent 6+ Daily, and my blood sugar is now well controlled. I Highly Recommend working with her!

Zach K.

I came to Catherine feeling lost and complacent in life.  I even contemplated on running away, but through her coaching I am able to see and walk toward my purpose.  Catherine is truly a phenomenal coach and has truly assisted me in spiritual and emotional healing.  Thank you Catherine.

Natachia Gourdine

I had a distance reading from Catherine,  overseas, we have never communicated prior to reading . I found the content well presented and accurate and made a lot of sense . I can only say Catherine has a truly wonderful gift and comes highly recommend.

Jeff Davies

(Reiki Master)

I just received the most accurate & amazing reading from Catherine!  I have had many, many readings over the years so I sort of consider myself an “expert” at telling the good from the bad.  Catherine is very, very good. Look no further if you want an accurate and caring reading!  Can’t wait for the next one!

Susan J.

I have received Reiki from Catherine on a few occasions for various reasons. Afterward I feel calm and clear and deeply relaxed. My mind is able to grab hold of the issue more clearly and move forward on fixing or changing the situation. I emerge from the experience with a much clearer head and a deep sense of relaxation.

Maureen W.

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Disclaimer:  As a client of Catherine @ Infinite Soul you are certifying that you are of a legal age of 18 years. Catherine can provide you with a multitude of healing practices and services, but clients are highly encouraged to seek the advice of a trained Medical Provider about any health concerns. As a licensed FNP and her integrative life coaching background, she can offer suggestions for alternative healing practices, but will not diagnose or suggest any medical treatments outside of the holistic umbrella on this site or during sessions.

The coaching sessions should not replace or be used as a substitute for professional, legal, medical, financial, or psychiatric advice.

Readings are for the primary purpose of entertainment and there are no guarantees. I do not give people exact timelines, as people have free will and the energy is always changing. When it comes to readings and your Twin Flame, I do not give 100% confirmation on yes/no this is your Twin Flame. What I can do is tap into the joint energy you both share with your person regardless of the label, but will not say with certainty this is your Twin. Deep down only you know within yourself what is true for you.
I am here as a vessel to channel from the Divine….we all hold the answers within us. I am blessed to be given this divine gift and my sole purpose is to assist you in discovering your own unique gifts.

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